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Custom Mirror Finishes

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You have never seen custom antique mirrors in San Rafael, CA, like this before. No mass produced faked patinas. West Design produces real handmade patina’d silver antique mirror. And by introducing color, texture, imagery and pattern into the once monochromatic world of mirrors your options to use mirror in your project just changed in a whole new way.
Choose from one of our many custom antique mirror designs, or let us create one for you, to add character, style and ambiance to your project. Mirrors are no longer a one dimensional surface but a canvas of color, texture, pattern and imagery,  another element in your palate to tell the story of your design.

Customizable in almost anyway you can imagine, you will have another tool in your box to bring your creative vision to life.
So let your imagination soar. How about our classic antique mirror with a back etched image of an outdoor French cafe that seems to float in the mirror and move as you walk past. Or reversed out images in silver with colored antiquing all around.  Or a variegated pattern backed filled with dazzling champagne bronzing powders.The possibilities are endless. Just call us and bring your vision.
We look forward to hearing from you and bringing your vision to life.

We believe the greatest compliment is a customer referral. That's why we provide all of our customers with the absolute best service and highest quality work, at fair and competitive prices.