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 Turn to West Design for glass etching, custom artistic mirror finishes, stone etching, wine bottle etching, picture frames, custom light fixtures, and much more
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About Us

West Design creates custom finishes in mirrors, including classical antiquing, using a variety of techniques by adding colors, patterns, textures to create one of a kind pieces designed to elevate your space to another level of sophistication. All our work is done by the hand and eye of the owner/artist. We contract local glaziers to take field measurments and do the installation. We are always creating new finishes that don't get on the website, so a SCHEDULED shop visit is the best way to see what we can create for you. We also have the ability to combine front or back etched images, photographs, drawings etc into your pieces to create some really magical affects. 

West Design. Custom Antique Mirrors for distinctive designs.


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"West Design did incredible work on all our custom mirrors.  All of the work was done quickly and cleanly and at a very fair price. They went above and beyond and really did a nice job."

- Thomas P.